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    Find the Perfect Brush for Your Dog’s Coat

    Contents Benefits of Brushing Your Dog’s Coat Regularly Different Types of Dog Brushes Best Dog Brush Comparison How do I Brush My Dog’s Hair? Buying a Dog Brush – FAQs . In terms of offering love, companionship and loyalty dogs really are hard to beat, however they do expect something back in return, usually in […]


      How to Use Clippers to Groom Your Dog Like a Professional

      Contents Why Should You be Using Dog Grooming Clippers? Benefits of clipping and grooming your dog Different Types of Dog Grooming Clippers Dog Grooming Clippers – Buyers Guide Best Dog Grooming Clippers – Product Reviews How to Cut Your Dog’s Hair . When it comes to a home dog grooming kit, one of the most […]


        The Best Waterless Shampoo For Dogs – 2018 Reviews

        If you’ve arrived here at Cleaner Paws I can make a good guess and say you are a dog owner and proud of it! Not only that but having made it to our complete guide to waterless dog shampoo I can also make another good guess that you are looking to make a change to […]


          Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears: The Complete Dog Ear Car Guide

          Have you experienced calling or stating commands to your beloved dog only for them not to respond? There are obviously many reasons for disobedience, from lack of training through to cries for attention however sometimes all your dog may need is a good ear cleaning. This is something you, his equally beloved human, and the […]


            How to Properly Dry Your Dog After Bathing Them

            Contents How to Dry Your Dog’s Coat Properly Benefits of a Dog Hair Dryer Different Types of Dog Hair Dryers Features to Consider Top 5 Best Dog Hair Dryers – Product Reviews . As all dog owners know, at certain times (if not all), your adorable four-legged companions are like babies, and they have needs […]


              How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth & Care for Them Correctly

              Do You Need to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth? Do I need to brush my dog’s teeth is a question we get asked a lot at Cleaner Paws, and we believe it is the one area of pet grooming that owners are most confused about. There is just so much conflicting information out there it’s hard […]