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There are many considerations that are made when taking on the responsibility of a new pet, but new dog owners seldom consider the importance of dog toothpaste in the health of their new pup.

By using a high-quality dog toothpaste, dog owners can significantly decrease the necessity of veterinarian visits as well as improving their dog’s quality of life. If the thought of brushing your dog’s teeth sounds a little crazy to you – like giving your pup a massage, maybe – you should have a quick word with your vet! Your vet will probably politely tell you that regular dental care for your pup is as important to its quality of life as it is to yours.

While it is true that dogs have gone thousands of years without toothbrushes, dental cleanings and x-ray’s, their teeth suffered for it. Pet owners thousands of years ago did not have any access to hygiene products for themselves, let alone their dogs!

The good news is that today, even the best dog toothpaste is extremely cheap and by making a small investment in preventative care, you can save thousands of dollars by avoiding more serious issues like gum disease, cavities, tooth loss, chronic pain and surgery.  Of course, all of these issues can are easily avoided by investing in a high-quality dog toothpaste!

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Why Use Dog Toothpaste?

A dog’s dental health is often neglected by dog owners due to the popular myth that dog teeth are resistant to cavity and infection. Dog teeth are very similar to human teeth and with dog foods being filled with preservatives and in many cases sugar, the need for a high-quality dog toothpaste and a regular brushing schedule becomes that much more important.

A low-estimate for a simple teeth cleaning on a young dog can cost around $200 to $300. If a dog’s dental health is completely ignored and allowed to become a serious problem tooth extractions and surgery might be required and the estimate for those nears over $500 to $700! By purchasing a high-quality dog toothpaste and sticking to a regular brushing schedule, dog owners can completely avoid having to pay for expensive teeth cleanings and surgery. Down below you will find our recommendations for the best dog toothpastes.

Some tips for Good Doggie Dental Care

Brush gently. Start by putting a little dog toothpaste on the toothbrush and letting your dog lick the dog toothpaste off. By doing this, you are allowing the dog to become familiar with the taste of the dog toothpaste which will make brushing much easier.

Do only this routine for the first few weeks to get the dog used to the taste of the dog toothpaste, don’t try brushing yet! When you feel the dog has gotten comfortable with this routine, you can begin to brush the teeth. Do this by raising the dog’s lips to expose the teeth and gums, then you can brush away!  Pro-tip: do not forcefully open the dogs, it will lead to panic and struggling which will make the brushing process more difficult in the future.

Get your dog comfortable with brushing while they are young. If you have just adopted a new furry friend, start by getting her comfortable with your touch. Touch the inside of your dog’s mouth, their front and back teeth. Then, slowly brush the front teeth with a high-quality dog toothpaste. While brushing, pay attention to how your dog reacts, make sure the dog feels comfortable.

Then, brush the back teeth. After a few rounds of dental care, dental care should become routine for your dog, she will get used to the taste of her dog toothpaste and the feel of the toothbrush.

Don’t forget the back! Dental problems tend to be much more severe in the back teeth for a dog as dogs use those teeth to crush hard foods. It is very important that you reach those teeth with a high-quality dog toothpaste in order to avoid unnecessary vet visits!

Make it FUN! Brushing can be a stressful part of a dog’s day. Before and after brushing it is advised that you give your dog plenty of praise and even a little bit of play-time as a reward for their good behavior. If your dog has done a really good job, consider giving her a treat, she will appreciate it!

What Kind of Toothpaste Should I use on my Dog?

Put simply – Use the best dog toothpaste available. Toothpaste made for humans is not recommended for dogs.  A dog does not know to spit out toothpaste during the brushing process, so unlike a human a dog will swallow all of the toothpaste in her mouth. Human toothpaste also contains ingredients like fluoride which can make a dog sick.  The best dog toothpastes do not contain toxic ingredients like fluoride and are safe for dogs to consume, better yet, they taste great which makes the brushing process much easier for you!

What is Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs?

C.E.T Enzymatic Toothpaste is a brand of dog toothpaste, considered by many to be the best choice for many pet owners. We actually review the product in detail below so won’t give too much away but it is found to be great tasting and highly favored by many of the dogs we trailed the toothpaste with. We’ve found dogs to enjoy it so much they tend to like it almost as much as many dog treats we have reviewed.


5 Best Dog Toothpaste Reviews

Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste

1. Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste

Price: $6.99 | Grade: A+

Virbac Enzymatic Toothpaste is seriously the best dog toothpaste we recommend by a long long way! We have heard many stories of pet owners struggling for years, almost forcing  their dog to brush their teeth, and finally finding a toothpaste that their dog likes with this product.  Virbac makes toothpaste in many different flavors but we have found dogs seem to really enjoy the “poultry” or chicken flavor. Even when trying this product with new dogs together, after pulling out the toothbrush we find dogs running back, wagging their tail in anticipation of the ‘treat’.

One dog owner even email us the following review recently which we just had to add here – ‘”It has been a difficult journey getting my little Corgi excited about her dental health but with this toothpaste the process no longer feels like a chore. I have tried many different toothpastes before and she did not like the taste or smell of any of them I am so happy I no longer have to take her to expensive dental cleanings.”

Not only is the brushing process easier, the toothpaste is made from high quality ingredients specially formulated for dogs. It helps fight cavities, reduces the formation of plaque and most importantly helps you avoid visits to the vet because of poor dental health issues!

KissAble All-Natural Dog Toothpaste

2. KissAble All-Natural Dog Toothpaste

Price: $12.98 | Grade: A

Another absolutely great product, its hard to say why exactly this isn’t the best dog toothpaste we reviewed but all we could decide on was the excellent results of the first product. We really did write and re-write this review several times but again it was left to one of our readers to sum this product up better than we ever could, read on for their full review:

“Finally! After months of searching for a doggy toothpaste my pup can stomach I am so grateful to stumble on kissable. I have tried a multitude of high price dog toothpastes all of which my dog hated! It wasn’t just the toothpaste that was the problem, my dog has some severe dental issues which makes it touching and brushing very painful. Dental visits are also quite costly and I have been trying to avoid those like the plaque. On a whim, I decided to purchase KissAble, the price was low and I figured “hey it’s worth as shot!”.

As usual it was difficult getting the toothbrush in my pup’s mouth but after I did the process went smoothly! I thought that it was a one-time thing but KissAble has completely changed how my pup and I do business! I no longer struggle to get her to brush her teeth. After months of using Kissable toothpaste I’ve noticed a huge change in her dental health, not only does she chew harder foods, her mouth is no longer off-limits. This is all small fries when I consider that I am getting a full 3.2 oz tube which lasts me months for only $12.99! AWESOME!”

Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dental Gel

Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dental Gel 

Price: $7.99 | Grade: A

This was once of the very first dog toothpastes we ever trailed at Cleaner Paws and after trying various toothpastes, I we finally come to an agreement with our dogs over a toothpaste we both like (our pets for the taste and us for the price). Vet’s Best is the one we stuck with for a long time and as we was worried about what I put into my own mouth why should my dog be any different.  Vet’s Best is formulated with some seriously high quality ingredients for the price. It has Aloe, Neem Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract and dental enzymes.

We found dogs love the taste and brushing is only made easier with this product. Another user review for you:  “Being a bulldog, he has had a few dental issues in the past and using this toothpaste has helped me save a decent amount of money by avoiding dental cleanings. His breath also no longer stinks, it actually smells minty which is kind of weird for a bulldog. Anyway, if you’re considering a dog toothpaste, you can’t go wrong buying this stuff!”

Petrodex Enzymatic Pet Toothpaste

4. Petrodex Enzymatic Pet Toothpaste

Price: $17.90 | Grade: A-

“After visiting the vet for dental issues more times than I would have liked this year, I finally decided to buy toothpaste for my dog. I purchased the cheap stuff first thinking “he’s a dog, he’ll like whatever I give him”. I was so wrong. After throwing away 5 almost full tubes of dog toothpaste because my dog wouldn’t let me brush with any of them, I finally bought Petrodex.”

Petrodex was one of the more expensive toothpastes we have found but after reading a few reviews about how dogs loved the taste and how effective the toothpaste was for dental issues, we took the plunge and bought a tube to try. We hoped and prayed our dog would like this toothpaste and when it arrived, I started brushing  teeth straight away and what a difference! No more running away and whining, we found our dogs was actually enjoyed getting their teeth brushed! It’s made my job as an owner much easier and the ingredients are probably higher quality than the stuff I use myself which is just get for my pets.

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Plaque Remove Gel

5. Tropiclean Fresh Breath Plaque Remove Gel 

Price: $12.99 | Grade: B+

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Plaque Remove Gel was another product that we found was just summed up perfectly by one of our readers. We tried it ourselves and couldn’t agree, read on for what they had to say: “My dog’s breath was seriously getting out of hand! It had become difficult to hold her in my lap, it was that bad! I tried buying different kinds of food, changing the water bowl and even taking her to the vet but nothing was working. After months of failing at everything I tried I decided to order a new kind of toothpaste. It was probably the best decision I made for my dog and for myself. I can finally hold her in my lap again!

Her breath is the freshest I have ever smelled it.  This toothpaste really does the job. Not only did it make my dogs breath fresh, I have noticed her teeth and gums are improving too! My vet even made a comment saying how much of an improvement she’s seeing in my little pup! This stuff has been such a blessing and I am so happy that it’s all natural, and vegetarian recommended. My dog loves this toothpaste and I love it too!”

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