Choosing The Best Dog Hair Dryer: A Comparison

best dog hair dryer
As all dog owners know, at certain times (if not all) your adorable four-legged companions are like babies and they have needs that you just have to provide for. One of these is regular grooming, with your schedule for grooming likely depending on the type of dog breed you own. The main reason for this is the variations in coat between different breeds of dog, for example if you have a long haired breed you’re likely to have to groom your pet more regularly.

Frequency of grooming also depends on their activities and environment. It may just be the case that you have an extremely messy pup that does its best to find the deepest of puddles even when you only go for a short walk – I know this is something many of my friends can relate to. This also means some dogs tend to get dirty more often than others due to their frequent exposure to the outside environment while others are kept mostly inside the house.

In most cases, dogs should be groomed every 10 to 12 weeks although this really is a ball park figure and the different types of grooming activities will differ, for example brushing your dog’s coat can happy more often while trimming their nails may only need to be done once a month.

Ideally the first grooming session should be done while they are still in the puppy stage in order to train them to get used to staying put while being groomed, and this can be a great help once they are used to the grooming process. This is also relevant for drying their hair as getting your dog used to the noise and hot air of the hair dryer is something that can take time.

Grooming Process: Drying Your Dog

Grooming your dog involves several steps including bathing, brushing, cutting their coat and nails, as well cleaning their ears. If you’re new to this process you’re in the right place, hopefully some of our wisdom and guidance from professional grooming will rub off and you will be perfecting your grooming style in time. This guide will focus on how to dry your dog effectively, particularly with the help of modern dog hair dryers.

Grooming dogs require techniques and skills in order to have satisfactory results. It should also be done by someone who knows how to deal with animals, for dogs can get impatient during the process but that is something that can learnt. As a real quick once over during a bath, their coat is cleansed using a shampoo. Then, they are dried and brushed until shiny. The nails and ears are cleaned after the bath, these stages all have their own difficulties and this guide will help you to easily dry your dog’s coat with the best dog hair dryer for your dog.

Benefits of a High Quality Dog Hair Dryer

Aside from aesthetic reasons, dogs should be groomed in order to maintain their good health. Groomed dogs are clean and seldom get infections. Grooming keeps their coat free from fleas and their nails from being too sharp. Regular brushing also keeps their coat shiny and free of dry bald spots. Drying your dog’s hair naturally fits in to this process as it is a great way to keep your dog looking great as well as to carry out regular health checkups.

Early signs of illness manifested on the dogs’ coat and over-all outside appearance are easily detected when they are regularly groomed. It is also notable that a dog’s disposition improves after being groomed. Just like people who just finished spa treatments, dogs somehow feel rejuvenated and happier.

How to Dry Your Dog’s Coat

Brushing is done after bath time, and it is vital to dry the hair properly first. Just like human hair, your dog’s coat is prone to breakage when brushed while still wet meaning you should avoid this at all costs.

It is therefore vital to dry your pet’s coat immediately and quickly after bath time because dogs tend to be restless when confined for a long time. Using the right type of dog dryer, this process will be a breeze. The appropriate hair dryer can make the life of a dog groomer so much easier and anyone looking to groom their dog at home should not do so without one.

Different Types of Dog Hair Dryers

To help you find the right hair dryer for your dog it is first best to consider the different types available. Although you may just think there is one kind of hair dryer that most dog groomer’s use this isn’t in fact the case. With a number of manufactures and brands having their own approach to dog hair dryers there a number of different styles to choose from. Below we compare the three most popular, looking at why they are the leading designs and the benefits they offer home groomers.

Hand Held – Perhaps the most popular style of dog hair dryer this type of machinery is operated in very much the same way as you would use a dryer intended for human use. Hand held dog dryers are extremely easy to use and come in two main styles, ‘force’ dryers similar to typical hair dryers and a more vacuum cleaner design with both making the job of drying your dog’s coat quite simple.

Stand – Standing dog hair dryers and perhaps the most convenient type available. Unlike hand held dryers they sit in a stand which can then be directed at your pet in order to dry them quickly. Great for accuracy this type of dog dryer does depend on how well your pet sits during grooming.

Cage Dryers – Although the name sounds a little scary there is one core benefit to this type of dog hair dryer. Being mounted on a cage, this type of dryer allows for impatient or unsettled dogs to be groomed by sitting them inside the mesh/ wire cage.

There is still a good amount of space between your pet and the dryer so it isn’t painful at all and this type of dryer should be considered if you have real trouble getting your dog to sit still during grooming.

Dog Blow Dryer Buyers Guide: What to Look For

Now you have an idea of the most popular types of dog hair dryers it is now time to quickly look at what you should look for when buying. Although the models above are designed with different needs in mind dog hair dryers also come with a range of different specifications and finding the best dryer for your dog will depend on a number of factors.

What to consider when buying a hair dryer for your dog:

Air Temperature
Because dogs naturally have high body temperatures, unlike typical hair dryers that you and I use, instead dog dryers use cool air to dry your dog’s coat. This should be a factored when browsing different dryers as some models still warm the air slightly and this can be tailored to your needs depending on the length of your dog’s hair.

Dog hair dryers usually offer you the choice been one speed settings or variable speed. If you are a pet owner with only one dog, or one type of breed then a single speed dryer should be fine. If however you care for a number of dog’s than variable speed may be the way to go.

Noise Cancellation
How loud your hair dryer is can have a big impact on how calm and comfortable your dog is while being groomed. Although they can become used to different sounds if the dryer is too loud it is likely to lead to more issues in the future when you have trouble drying your dog successfully. Although this is trick to know when buying online you should read reviews from other buyers (or ours below) to find out how loud a particular dryer is.

As with any piece of grooming equipment you intend to use regularly it is important that the dryer you choose is durable enough to be withstand grooming sessions at home or elsewhere. This may be the case if you need to transport your dryer but it is also important as you will need to store the dryer when it is not being used.

Top 5 Best Dog Hair Dryer Reviews

We hope you now have a greater understand not only of the different types of dog hair dryers but what also sets them apart as products. As with anything to do with your precious pup we do recommend investing in a high quality product, not only will this allow you to keep your dog safe but it is also more than likely you will be getting a product that lasts and can be used for a long time.
The considerations outlined above should be applied to the individual needs of your pet and we hope one of the top 5 dog hair dryers below is just what you’re looking for. We have considered a number of factors include style and price to ensure you find a product that fits your budget and does a great job drying your dog’s coat.

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1. Oster Hi-velocity Adjustable Table and Cage Dryer

Oster Dog Hair Dryer
Price: $299.99 | Grade: A+

This dryer has a stand and can be put on the table while the groomer uses both hands in holding the dog. It is made of high-quality plastic and is durable. It has adjustable heat control and ideal for grooming different breeds of dogs. The makers of this dryer gives a one-year warranty upon purchase. Groomers can maximize their money with this purchase. As a bonus, it is also powerful enough to be used to dry cages.

2. Metro Portable Dog Hair Dryer

Metro Dog Hair Dryer

Price: $202.99 | Grade: A

Made of steel, this dryer is sturdy and durable. It has dual mounted legs and hose air filter which is easy to use in any direction. Airflow control is one of its highlighted features as the groomer can conveniently change the speed of the dryer depending on the thickness of the coat.

The air filter is also easy to change. The groomer should test the hotness of the air given out by the dryer before aiming it at the animal being groomed. This dryer is portable and can be used anywhere, wherever there is a power source.

3. HPD Portable Dog Grooming Blow Hair Dryer

HPD Portable Dog Cat Pet Grooming Blow Hair Dryer

Price: $139.99 | Grade: A

This is ideal for noise-sensitive pets for it works quietly. It has a stand that will leave the groomer’s hands free to secure the pets. It comes with a flexible 2.5 meters long hose and 3 nozzles in varying sizes that will enable easy drying of all parts of the dog that need to be dried, even the hidden ones like the stomach and behind ears. This dryer is small in size but dries quickly and thoroughly through its powerful airflow. It has a convenient handle for easy portability.

4. Ridgeyard Portable Dog Cat Hair Dryer


Price: $95.99 | Grade: A-

Durability and noiseless grooming are this product’s main features. It has a stand which let the groomer use both hands to hold the pet being groomed. Its hose are puncture-resistant and can be used in drying varying sizes of cats and dogs through its two-nozzle options.

It gives out 45-60 degrees Celsius of air and this range is less adjustable. This could be considerably hot for pets and should be used at a distance and in a rotating manner. It comes with an air concentrator and air flare which aids to speedy hair drying. The weight of this product is 6 kilograms, making it considerable portable.

5. Comfort Dry Dryer Professional Animal Grooming ST-6


Price: $99.99 | Grade: A-

This product resembles a human hair dryer due to its lack of hose. It uses ionic and ceramic technology, and dries pet hair quickly with 1875 watts of power. It has a sturdy stand which can be adjusted to 5 different positions. There are three options for heat setting while there are two for air speed.

This dog hair dryer looks modern and stylish. However, its lack of hose may limit its functionality when it comes to drying certain body parts easily. The groomer may have to either move the pet or lift the dryer often in order to cover all areas.

There are several types of hair dryer for dog hair to choose from. However, it is best to choose the right one that has all the features of the best dog hair dryer. First, it should give out non-heated air. Unlike human hair dryers, the one used for dogs should not give out hot air because this could hurt the dogs’ sensitive skin. As animals, dogs react differently when made uncomfortable under the heat.

It is a given that sturdiness and quality of the product must be considered in order for it to last long. It should also have adjustable drying speed because some dogs have thicker coats than others and may require more hair dryer speed. Now, which one in the above choices will you buy?

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