About Us

Cleaner Paws is a family run blog by myself Jenny and Mom Sue. We started Cleaner Paws after spending a combined 40+ years in pet grooming, both professionally and at home. First and foremost we are pet lovers, our extended family has always included happy 4 legged friends and we firmly believe pets can make for a happier home.

With our experience of using particular products within our grooming kit throughout the years we thought it would be a good idea to try and share this experience to encourage all pet owners to keep their furry friends clean, healthy and happy.  To new dog owners or anyone looking to purchase a new dog shampoo for example the options can seem endless and overwhelming. First you have to delve through the countless brands of products available, and once settling on a brand you feel happy with then have the choice among the different types of products available, whether you are looking for a de-shedding shampoo or one made with slightly smellier dogs in mind. Once you’ve done all this you then still have to think about ingredients and make sure you’re not applying anything on to your pet that will harm their coat or cause any lasting skin conditions.

These sorts of decisions can all seem a bit daunting but they don’t have to be. There are some extremely great products available and we hope Cleaner Paws will help you find the right ones you are looking for, perfect for your pet.

We include amazon affiliate links on the site as we feel the site offers the biggest range of pet grooming products at the best value. We are also always keen for your suggestions on any products to trial or if you have any questions at all related to pet grooming.