The Top 10 Dog Training Books for Pet Owners

Pet owners often ask at what age they should start training their dogs and the answer we always give at Cleaner Paws is the same – start straight away!

We now live even closer with our pets, sharing our most intimate spaces and as a result it has become a necessity to give them a good canine education. There are a number of reasons for training your pet and one of the most important we have seen is that doing so can keep a lot of dogs from being surrendered to shelters because of behavioral issues that could easily have been prevented. Invest time to teach your dog and make living with them easier, it will benefit both you as an owner and your pet.

How to Train Your Dog

Dogs are domestic animals, but some have been breed to play very important rolls in our society. Differentiate training exercises and learn the different types of training and when to apply each and you are well on your way to a well-behaved pup. Four major types of dog training are:

  • Behavioral – This is probably the most basic of the four. This type of training teaches dogs to act properly around people, as well as other animals. It involves a few basic commands, but mostly addresses issues such as housebreaking  and potty traininginappropriate chewing, and excessive barking. The goal is to make them a ‘good dog’.
  • Obedience –  Many consider this to be the most commonly used form of training and one that is often taught to the dog at an early age. This particular type of training actually puts emphasis on making dogs obedient to their owners with the use of basic commands like come, sit, lie down, stay and quiet. It also includes exercises to stop behavioral issues before they even start.
  • Agility-  This is a more advanced type of training that should only be applied if a dog already knows and has mastered most, if not all, of the basic commands. This training is for dogs who are specifically being groomed by their owners for participating in different activities such as sports, like hunting, obstacle courses, or racing. Every dog can be taught through this training, but some breeds are more suited to it than others.
  • Vocational –  This type of training is for dogs destined for more than just a walk around the street and playing in the living room floor. This training is for dogs that will have a career helping people in some way. These programs are strict and demanding, as they teach dogs specific techniques to optimize their abilities and communicate with people. Certain breeds are more suited for this training.

dog being walked obediently

To make one thing clear – There are no bad dogs, just bad owners. To be a good dog owner you have to train your dog to be a well-disciplined, socialized pooch that knows how to act and listen. Your dog doesn’t need to be as talented as those winners of a dog show, but they still needs to learn when to sit or stay and how to behave properly when around other people.

Professional dog training can be expensive.  If you don’t have the budget need too spend a lot of money, training your pet yourself is a wise alternative. To help you along your way there are a number of books you can purchase and we are confident in no time your dog will enjoy learning from his pack leader. The bond you will create during training is priceless and just remember, you are the center of your dog’s universe and the effort you put into grooming them to become a behaved part of your family is certainly worth it.

If you’re starting your journey of dog ownership, check out the list below for more help.

Top 10 Best Dog Training Books

How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend book cover

How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend: The Classic Training Manual for Dog Owners

Price From: $8 | Grade: A+

For almost three decades now, How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend have been the material where all other dog-training books are compared to.  With a fresh new design, this new expanded edition maintains the best features of the original classic while delivering a fully up-to-date book. Now that gives us the optimum training material for the new generation of pet owners and their canine best pals.

Internationally renowned, the Monks of New Skete believe in the philosophy that they key to understanding your beloved pet lies in compassion and communication. They have prepared this guide to better understand your dog – whether an old companion or a new puppy – and strengthen your bond with your pet. How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend tackles practically every detail of living with and caring for your pooch. It’s a guide from start to finish, which includes selecting a dog based on your lifestyle, reading a pedigree, training – when, where, and how, feeding, grooming, recognizing and correcting behavioral problems, and caring of your pet at every stage of their life.

The Art of Raising a Puppy Book

The Art of Raising a Puppy

Price From: $8 | Grade: A+

Coming from the internationally renowned trainers, The Monks of New Skete tells all about a puppy’s critical first months. From deciding to adopt a pup and choosing the best breed for you, preparing home, caring for your new pal, and practicing basic exercises, the Monks of New Skete provides clear guidelines for nurturing a puppy. The book is based on the Monk’s experiences as long-time trainers and it offers essential advice and information that dog owners need.

The Monks uses a training program based on understanding dog behavior and enhancing the bond between the owner and their loved pet. Poor training, improper care, or lack of attention during puppyhood can result to behavioral problems that becomes increasingly harder to change as your dog ages. Learn how to maintain your dominance from the beginning and build a loving relationship with your dog. This complete guide explains stages of puppy development, how to communicate, how to start a training program, and how to manage common problems like jumping, chewing, and paper-training. This book is a vital source of information, wisdom, and inspiration for anyone who has care and love for a puppy.

Complete Guide to Training Your Dog or Puppy Book

Dog Training: Complete Guide to Training Your Dog or Puppy To Be Obedient and Well Behaved 

Price From: $13 | Grade: A

These fun and easy tips makes the dreaded task of dog training into a enjoyable hobby. You’ll be proud to show off your dog’s new tricks and good behavior whenever family or friends visit.  This is exactly for owners having trouble controlling their pet and those tired of frustration that comes from living with a misbehaving pet. This book breaks down training into understandable  modules. It begins from the very start of dog training, so you can get impressive results even as a beginner!

A great guide book for dogs with troubles, it offers a perfect guide to train a dog in all of the basic aspect of how you want your pooch to behave. This book is perfect for someone with a new puppy, and even an old one.  It offers simple and very doable techniques of training, thus making it easy to train dogs of any age. Remember, age does not matter when it comes to training or teaching new tricks. It’s a great read. It is a short guide and gets straight to the point.

Cesar's Way Dog Training Book

Cesar’s Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding & Correcting Common Dog Problems

Price From: $8 | Grade: A+

Cesar’s Way author Cesar Millan is a nationally renowned dog expert and a star of NatGeo’s hit show “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan”. The book seeks to make a dog owner see the world through the eyes of their canine pal to easily resolve behavioral problems. Cesar is not your traditional trainer, his expertise depends on his rare ability to understand dog psychology. In Cesar’s Way, he shares this knowledge, giving you the basics of having a stronger and more satisfying relationship with your dog.

His formula seems impossibly simple: exercise, discipline, and affection. He takes readers to the basics of dog behavior and psychology. He shares details of some of his most interesting cases and use them to explain how behavior problems develop and how they can be corrected. With the book you’ll learn a lot of things like choosing the right dog for you, relating to your dog, difference between discipline and punishment and more. This is the only guide you’ll ever need to build a stronger, more satisfying connection with your dog.

The Other End of the Leash Book Training Book

The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs

Price From: $2 | Grade: A

Dr. Patricia McConell with more than twenty years experience as applied animal behaviorist and dog trainer shares a new view on our relationship with dogs. She sees humans as another fascinating species and muses about how humans behave when around dogs and how our pets might interpret it. After all, though humans and dogs share an incredible connection unique to the animal world, we still are two different species.

The book illustrates how changes in our voice and movement can help dogs understand what we want. Once you begin to think about the way you act from your dog’s perspective, you will understand why much of dog disobedience can simply be a case of miscommunication. In the book you will learn how to use your voice so your dog will more likely obey you, why dominating your dog is a terrible notion, how to play with your dogs in fun ways and keep him off trouble, how humans and dogs share types of personality, and more. This book aims to help you make the most out of your life with your canine best friend.

101 Dog Tricks Book

101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog

Price From: $5 | Grade: A-

With about half a million copies printed and in 18  different languages, this worldwide bestseller is a well-curated book that provides its readers with step-by-step procedures, complete with easy to follow colored photos for each. Tricks comes with a level of difficulty rating and prerequisites to get you started quickly. There are tips and trouble-shooting boxes to tackle problems, while build-on idea recommends more complex tricks that build on every new skill.

Trick ranges from basic simple ones like sit, fetch, roll over, to complicated ones like getting a soda from the fridge. A lot of dog owners found success with this step-by-step techniques from Kyra Sundance, and you can too. Training for tricks will be your bonding time with your dog and it will unite him with your family. Tricks will keep him challenge mentally and physically and it will help set up ways of communication between you. A lot of tricks creates skills used during dog dancing, sports, and therapy work. 101 Dog Tricks will motivate you to do more with your loved pet. Great photos, descriptions, and sense of humor will make reading this book a pleasure.

Before and After Getting Your Puppy Book

Before and After Getting Your Puppy: The Positive Approach to Raising a Happy, Healthy, and Well-Behaved Dog

Price From: $2 | Grade: B+

Dr. Ian Dunbar’s dog-friendly philosophy has influenced almost every dog trainer out there. During the 1970’s, Dr. Dunbar caused a sensational change in dog training – away from leash corrections towards a positive way using treats, toys, and games, as rewards for learning basic manners, etc. Before Dr. Dunbar, there weren’t classes for puppies, few family dog classes, and dog training isn’t much of a fun. His positive technique in training changed the field, especially in puppy training.

In this book, Dr, Dunbar incorporates two of his popular puppy-training manuals into one indexed value-priced hardcore edition. Steps are explained clearly with help of photos and easy-to-understand training deadlines, he offers organized but humorous and playful program for nurturing a great dog. Dr. Dunbar’s guide is taken from six developmental deadlines: completing education and preparation, analyzing a puppy’s existing socialization and education, teaching error-free house training and chewtoy-training, completing a socialization program of meeting strange people and other animals, etc. Dr. Dunbar’s techniques are strongly rooted in animal behavior science.

The Power of Positive Dog Training

The Power of Positive Dog Training

Price From: $12 | Grade: B

Pat Miller, a renowned dog trainer presents you with positive tools for training that you’ll need to experience companionship, a lifetime of enjoyment, and respect with your dog. Plus, you’ll get: knowledge on the essence of noting, comprehending, and reacting properly to the body language of your dog; procedures on how to eliminate the use of a treats and clicker to bring up more advanced concepts of training; a diary for progress tracking; treats suggestions that your dog will respond to; and training terms glossary.

This book will convince you that positive dog training is the best program to use. It offers a very detailed look at the effectiveness and reasoning of positive training. This is very helpful for someone who wants to know a proper method of training as well as why they should do what they are asked to in the instructions. Inside, you’ll encounter easy to read discussion of the philosophy of positive training followed by tips and exercises for training. This book fits dog owners who wanrs to have a connection with their pet based on positive reinforcement and friendship, not punishment and fear.

Culture Clash Dog Training Book

Culture Clash

Price From: $6 | Grade: B-

Maxwell Award for Best Dog Training Book (1997) and voted as the #1 BEST BOOK (2000 & 2001) by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Culture Clash has shaped modern dog ownership and training  with its rear scientifically sound recognition of the cultural difference between humans and dogs. Dogs can not read, so you have to in order to really connect with your dog.

The Culture Clash is absolutely unique, interesting and provides plenty of great information—challenging and so new that it changed the state of the art of dog training. Culture Clash interprets dogs as they really are. The author displays her own love for dogs as well as her great insight in the way they think. The author champions seeing things through the point of view of dogs, always displaying care for their well-being and education. The book is for people who are looking for ways to increase their knowledge of canine behavior, and all who consider their beloved pets as similar to people—they, too, have values and morals.  This book would enable us to better understand our dogs as dogs, and not as small children—for it is only too often that we tend to attribute human like characteristics with them.

Team Dog Book Cover

Team Dog: How to Establish Trust and Authority and Get Your Dog Perfectly Trained the Navy Seal Way

Price From: $7 | Grade: B+

Mike Ritland, a New York Times—bestselling author and former Navy SEAL teaches all dog owners how to achieve a close relationship and exceptional training of combat dogs.

In Team Dog, Mike uses his fifteen years experience and shares, explaining in simple and direct way, the science behind the essence of having a dog’s trust and then presents helpful steps of how to gain any level of obedience. His unique way uses fun examples and anecdotes from his clients with dogs on and off the battlefield and direct tips from the Navy SEAL guidebook to teach pet owners how to: choose the perfect dog for their family, build themselves as the team leader, master command and control, apply situational awareness, and to strengthen their dog’s position as the ultimate best friend of the family. In this book, Ritland draws a clear and visible line between caring for our dogs and needed training for them to become the trusting canine friend. Team Dog introduces dog owners to the new and extraordinary authority on training dogs the SEAL way.

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