Best Chew Toys for Puppies Reviews & Comparison

A puppy is going to chew, it’s just something that a dog does! And young dogs love doing it. Whether your dog is a puppy that just started teething or a leader of the pack chewing to keep their jaw muscles strong, all dogs have an innate need to chew.  Understanding how to manage a puppy’s chewing habits is a just part of being a dog owner.

Why Buy Your Puppy a Chew Toy?

For dogs, chew toys are no mere luxury, they are a necessity and chew toys are especially important for puppies. During early development, puppies experience a fairly long and uncomfortable teething period.

To reduce the pain puppies experience they will often bite and chew on anything they can get their little mouth around.  The teething period lasts about five weeks but in the first two weeks puppies will begin exploring chewing on household items along with furniture.

A puppy chew toy should be bought prior to this part of the teething process or you could risk losing some valuable items! Puppies will be very active during the teething process, biting and chewing on anything they find. If your puppy isn’t chewing, this might be a sign that there is complication with their teeth. In this case be sure to consult with your vet as soon as possible.

It is important that during this uncomfortable stage of growth to find the best chew toy for your puppy. Unlike cats, puppies are not picky about what kind of toy they play with, but you should be!

puppy with favorite chew toy

Where to Buy the Best Chew Toy for Your Puppy?

Whether you shop for pet supplies online, at a large retailer or locally, you’ll find a considerable variety of chew toys available. Having such a huge variety of toys makes it difficult for a new owner to select the best toy for their puppy. Puppy toys are a specialty item, so when purchasing the best toy for your puppy you have to be selective!

Older dogs can play with toys of varying sizes and textures but the best chew toys for puppies are those that are not small enough for them to swallow and not so large that the puppy is unable to wrap their mouth around them. Puppies will play with almost anything but at this stage of development safety is still a concern.

Many of the chew toys you find in the aisles of big-box stores are way too hard for a puppy’s sensitive teeth. It’s no surprise that many new puppy owners run into the problem of broken teeth after purchasing the wrong toy. When looking for the best toy for your puppy, look for toys that can be squeezed with your hands. These toys will not last as long as the harder chew toys but you will save a significant amount of money by avoiding a doggy dental visit.

Always start with a soft toy and work your way towards harder toys. As a puppy develops, so do their jaw muscles. Some dogs are naturally strong chewers and if you notice your dog is going through chew toys very quickly, consider switching to a firmer toy. Toys that are too soft for your puppy can pose a choking hazard as puppies will swallow medium and large sized chunks causing them to choke. Puppies may also swallow small chunks of rubber which can cause blockages in their digestive tract. Always make sure to monitor your puppy while chewing and dispose of any loose rubber pieces. If your dog shows any signs of illness, check with your vet!

Different Types of Puppy Chew Toys

If you are interested in alternatives to chew toys, there are a few but they can get pricy.  The most commonly used alternative to chew toys are made from dense edible rawhide. These flavored chew toys can last several days and often contain small pieces of chicken and vegetables.  In many cases these kinds of toys are healthy alternatives to the commonly used rubber and plastic puppy chew toys.

There are some safety considerations before purchasing rawhide chew toys for your puppy. Not all rawhide chew toys are made for puppies. Several types of rawhide chew toys contain hard bone which can damage and break your puppy’s teeth. If your puppy is somehow able to chew through the bone, the bone can splinter and severely hurt your puppy which can cause a serious veterinary emergency.

Another chew toy alternative is a rubber chew toy infused with vitamins and minerals. These kinds of chew toys last a much longer time than their rawhide counterparts but also come with the benefit of having a nutritional twist. Although these kinds of puppy chew toys last longer than the rawhide puppy chew toys, they don’t last nearly as long as the best puppy chew toys made specifically for chewing. These toys also tend to be much pricier which doesn’t make them the best option as a puppy chew toy.

Best Chew Toys for Puppies

kong classic puppy chew toy

1. Kong Classic

Price: $15 | Grade: A+

We got this awesome chew toy for a puppy that goes through chew toys like candy. At first we was concerned about buying this toy because in pictures it does not look sturdy. However after deciding to go forward with the purchase because the reviews were so good and we can firmly say we are not disappointment. We trialed this puppy chew with a number of breeds and have even bought much sturdier looking toys only for them to be torn apart immediately.

This chew toy has a hole in the middle which can also be filled with water or some peanut butter. We found puppies go absolutely crazy for that! The chew toy is very sturdy but the best part is that we found dog’s loves playing with it. If a toy lasts my dog a year that’s perfectly fine with me but if he is not enjoying himself that’s the real problem. The toy keeps dogs occupied and having fun. Completely worth the price paid!

Nylabone puppy ring toy

2. Nylabone Ring Bone

Price: $3.50 | Grade: A+

I bought a Nylabone for a teething Golden Retriever. He was having trouble chewing any of my older dog’s toys because they were all too big for his mouth. The golden can’t get enough of this Ring Bone and the owner we recommended it to was over the moon, leading us to suggest this product to countless other dog owners. The toy fits perfectly in a dogs mouth and the best part is you can use it like a play toy by dangling it and letting them jump up to grab it. The toy is sturdy enough for older dogs to play with as well.

We often caught the golden retriever keeping the Ring Bone for himself which I don’t mind at all. The Ring Bone has very minor wear after a few months of use and you will definitely get your money’s worth for this purchase. All dogs will enjoy this toy and for the asking price it’s way worth it. I think this ring bone will last another few years!

Benebone JUMBO Bacon Flavored Puppy Chew Toy

3. Benebone JUMBO

Price: $17 | Grade: A

CONTAINS REAL BACON! Buyer beware, your dog will never find a toy he likes better than this one. I have tried out more toys than I can count and I often see my dog disregard other toys in favor of this one.  The toy is a really good shape, it allows my dog to grab it in his mouth and carry it around like a real dog bone, which you will find so cute at first. The toy is also really durable. I often take my dog to the park with a few other dog owners.

Many of the other dogs (who are all much bigger than my dog) play with this chew toy and in over 1 year it has almost no chew marks or signs of damage. I keep wondering what toy my big guy might like better but I still haven’t found one! I often worry about my dog tearing toys into chunks and getting a piece stuck in his throat, but this toy has stood the test of time so far and I have confidence that nothing will happen to my pup while playing with this toy. I recommend this toy for owners whose dogs go through many chew toys, and who have concerns about choking hazards! This is the perfect toy for big dogs! 

Nylabone Dura Puppy Chew Toy

4. Nylabone Dura Chew Textured 

Price: $7.99 | Grade: A

Your dog will love these chew bones. If you have a larger dog that goes through chew toys quickly, this is definitely a recommended purchase. It took 6 months to finally whittle this bone down to a size that was just too small for my dog to continue chewing. The chew toy is bacon flavored which many dog loves and while I have tons of other toys for him to play with, he prefers this one.

I have gone through 2 of these in a year but they are always worth the purchase because of the joy playing dogs get when chewing on them. If you have a smaller dog, I wouldn’t recommend this chew toy as it is far too bulky and hard for a smaller dog to ever enjoy. This is for the big boys! Oh, this chew toy also helps with their dental health which is we have to say is awesome. I have noticed my dogs teeth getting healthier and gums looking much better. Last time I went to the vet we needed to get his teeth deep cleaned but I don’t think we will have to do that in the future this toy looks like it’s taking care of it for us.

Nylabone Dura Chew Wishbone

5. Nylabone Dura Chew Wishbone

Price: $3.54 | Grade: A-

We found dog loves the shape of the Nylabone Wishbone. This chew toy provides enough resistance for powerful bited while being a comfortable shape for dogs to chew on. If your dog has a powerful bite getting through chew toys can get a little bit expensive but this chew toy will several months if not years.

The best part is that your dogs teeth will stay super clean because this toy works as a dental chew. I have noticed dogs teeth are much healthier looking and also that breath doesn’t smell nearly as bad as it used to. We had a recent vet visit and the vet even mentioned how much better dental health has gotten with the use of this chew by certain dogs. When the vet asked me how often I brushed her teeth and I said I didn’t, he couldn’t believe it! I just smiled and told him it’s the chew toy. When she wears this toy out I am buying another one, it’s well worth the purchase price!

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