Best Cheap Dog Shampoo Under $5

cheap dog shampoo

We’re sure that all pet owners would love to have the luxury to pamper their pets with no expense spared indulgence! The comfiest of beds, all the toys and the newest and most organic shampoos available. However, the fact that many pet owners have a budget that we must stick to doesn’t necessarily mean we have to cut corners when it comes to keeping our furry best friends clean.

Indeed, cutting too many corners can lead to bigger problems for your pet down the road. For instance, simply substituting human shampoo for dog shampoo will not cut it. The composition of human shampoo may cause irritation and a host of skin problems that will require even more products to cure. This means if you’re stick to a budget, it is necessary to pick the best cheap dog shampoo on the market today.

Choosing a Cheap Dog Shampoo

Price isn’t the only factor that saves money either. Choosing the right cheap dog shampoo for your dog involves finding out which brands meet your pet’s specific hygiene needs. Is it hypoallergenic? Does it need to mask a pungent lingering odor? Besides this, a good brand also needs a lot of products to lather up. It’s also important to find a product, which is easy to rinse to keep bath times quick. These are just some of the considerations that need to be made when it comes to use the bet value dog shampoo for your pet.

That being said, shelling out a few bucks for dog shampoos that deliver good results shouldn’t seem so farfetched. With a balance of quality and price in mind, here are five dog shampoos that can all be purchased without breaking the bank for less than $5.

The Best Cheap Dog Shampoo Reviews

pro-sense oatmeal cheap dog shampoo

1. Pro-Sense Oatmeal Shampoo, Vanilla Scent

Price: $3.97 | Grade: A

Derived from natural ingredients, Pro-Sense Oatmeal Shampoo offers to eliminate strong pet odors while promoting better coat shine and skin health. Key ingredients are panthenol and chamomile.

In general, customers have found the brand to be less aggressive. It is also safe to use on dogs with particularly sensitive skin. It is an effective moisturizer, with customers reporting a reduction of itching within the first few uses of the products.

A key issue is its advertised vanilla scent. Ideally mild and relatively inoffensive to some dog owners, the aroma is not that pungent and does not linger too long on the dog, thus coming off as slightly underwhelming for others, especially for the owners of exceptionally smelly dogs.

Another issue faced by customers is its lather. In some cases, it takes a lot of product to get a reasonable lather. It is also quite difficult to spread around due to its consistency. Owners of small yet hairy dogs seem to go through the 20 oz. bottles quickly.

perfect coat hypoallergenic dog shampoo

2. Perfect Coat Gentle Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo

Price: $4.99 | Grade: A

Perfect Coat Gentle Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo is ideal for owners who aren’t too keen on fragrance. This shampoo does away with the strong dyes and scents in its attempt to deliver a hypoallergenic product for dogs with sensitive skin and allergies.

What it lacks in aroma, it more than makes up for in results. The shampoo leaves your pet fresh and clean-smelling while maintaining a healthy and glossy skin and coat.

The product rinses off rather quickly during baths, a result of Perfect Coat’s formula that prevents shampoo solids from setting on the coat. This comes especially handy for owners of large dogs and can make quick work of any bath.

The main drawback, however, is that the product seems to work well mainly for dogs with thick, furry coats. Some owners have found that using it on dogs with sparser coats can lead to dry skin.

Likewise, some of its ingredients, such as cocamidopropyl betaine, are known irritants and can cause mild discomfort for people susceptible to contact dermatitis.

Popular among many pet owners, it is priced at $4.33 at Amazon and comes in 16 ounce bottles.

hartz groomers best cheap dog shampoo

3. Hartz Groomer’s Best Puppy Shampoo

Price: $4.39 | Grade: A-

In spite of its name, however, Hartz Groomer’s Best Puppy Shampoo is ideal for dogs of all ages. It can work especially well for dogs with sensitive skins and coats. Its mild formula is designed for the sensitive skin of young puppies. Also, it uses a no-tear formula, which is gentle should it get to the eyes.

The gentle formula doesn’t just minimize itching. It also means there shouldn’t be much trouble when the finicky pups having their first baths attempt to lick away the shampoo. It also rinses rather well and leaves behind little residue, making quick work of bath times for those with very hyperactive dogs.

The relative mildness of the product, coupled with its rather runny consistency, means that the owners may end up using more of it than they need to. In addition, its otherwise pleasant jasmine scent isn’t that strong and leaves a lot to be desired, especially for owners of dogs with rather pungent smells.

Packaged improperly in transit, the product may also spill.

At $3.11 for 18 ounces, the product is comparatively inexpensive in contrast to others. All in all, a few buyers find it rather satisfactory, but some say that there is nothing particularly special in it.

avoderm natural dog shampoo

4. AvoDerm Natural Oatmeal Formula Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

Price: $4.49 | Grade: A-

AvoDerm’s Natural Oatmeal Formula Shampoo for Dogs and Cats attempts to bridge the species barrier, offering a mix of avocado extract and other healthful ingredients to promote better skin health in both canines and felines.

The shampoo possesses a clean and pleasant smell and does an excellent job in eliminating the familiar wet dog smell, though some may find it overpowering. It does short work of oily and dirty coats. It also possesses a soothing formula, which can help minimize irritation. It also controls excess shedding in particularly thick furred cats and dogs.

AvoDerm Natural Oatmeal Formula Shampoo for Dogs and Cats does remove a lot of oil from the fur, removing some of the shine, but retaining a pleasant texture. Thus, it works best alongside a conditioner, which can make it a lot pricier to use.

Some clients have taken issue with its lack of ingredients list or how much of the product is “natural” (it is not advertised as “all natural”). It has also been reported to cause allergies in some cats.

Once priced at a whopping $11.09 for 16 ounce bottles, prices have been slashed to $4.73 when purchased along orders of over $49 on Amazon.

perfect coat natural oatmeal dog shampoo

5. Perfect Coat Natural Oatmeal Shampoo

Price: $4.99 | Grade: B+

This product, which possesses a fresh, French vanilla scent, is formulated to help prevent dryness and irritation while cleaning and conditioning fur of all types. Besides oatmeal, its formulation also includes a broad array of natural liposomes like the B-vitamin Panthenol.

The shampoo lathers and rinses well and works well in thorough cleaning with less scrubbing. Customers have noted that it works especially well to keep dogs with white fur immaculate. Besides this, its formulation has been observed to help with rashes and reduce itching.

Although not as strong as many people would like, the vanilla scent of the shampoo is also popular among a lot of pet owners.

One key disadvantage lies in its cap, which can be difficult to seal adequately. It is also likely that it will spill on transit.

We hope the information above will help you choose between 5 of the best cheap dog shampoo products available and help you to keep your dog clean on a budget!

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