3 Grooming Tips for Older Dogs

A lot is written about how to groom puppies and younger pets, but often overlooked is key considerations for older dogs. For a range of reasons, from being recently adopted to switching from a professional groomer to grooming your pets at home it may be time for you to groom your dog for the first time and if they’re slightly older, there a number of factors to keep in mind. Although the old cliche quote may go ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ at Cleaner Paws we don’t listen to this at all.

When it comes to pet grooming, regardless of their age if you preparing correctly and have the right grooming products at your disposable than grooming an older dog for the first time can be as easy as a dog that has grown used to being groomed.

However for this to be the case it is important you do take extra care and following the tips below can help ensure the procedure runs as smoothly as possible:

  • Prepare Thoroughly – This is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to grooming any pet. Ensuring you have the right products ready and that your dog is comfortable can really make a huge difference as to how well the whole grooming process goes. As with anything, if your dog is taken by surprise than they’re more likely to react in a nervous manner of become anxious. If you prepare your dog for the grooming session, regardless of their age, they will have an easier time remaining calm.
  • Slow Your Approach – Following on the Tip 1, it really is important to remain patient throughout the whole process. As with puppies, older dogs may not always be exactly sure what is going on and depending on their age they may not be as quick as they once were so it is important you do not rush the process and allow your dog to go at their own pace. This may mean the first couple of bath times last slightly longer than expected but once your pet becomes used to the process they will speed up in no time.
  • Reward Your Dog – No matter the age of your dog, one thing is certain and that is they still love treats! Rewarding your dog when they have behaved particularly well or have sat still for an extended period of time. This positive associate still works extremely well in older dogs and will ensure your pet begins to love grooming time as much as you love your fresh dog afterwards.

We hope this quick guide offers some valuable tips when it comes to grooming older dogs. If you have recently adopted an older dog or looking to train your pet for the first time, this guide is extremely good and complements the grooming tips given here excellently.

Out of the three tips given above, allowing your dog to go at their own pace really is the most important.

Depending on their overall health there may be issues which also mean certain pages of your dogs need more focus, such as creaky joints or sore legs for example and learning to groom your pet is one of the best ways to bond with them.

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